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The first of the start of the begining

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I’m not a fan of writing, never have been. Spelling and grammar have never been something I gave two thoughts about, especially after Office 98 underlined errors with a red line – I didn’t really have to think about it anymore!Even with modern technology baling my butt out I still hoped I’d not have make creative writing part of my life.However, I see it as a necessary evil to convey how much I love racing my little hairdressers’ car and what I’ve learned by racing it.

I’ve gotten myself into the position of knowing a little bit about amateur road racing, not the “on track technical bits” of how to go fast as a driver…I struggle with that more the grammar.But I do have all the other stuff down pat, such as: car prep tips, packing the truck, loading the car, endurance racing tricks for Pit stops and a ton of little tricks to make your race event more fun or easier.

My entries will be brief and probably very poorly written so I’ll add a bunch of photos and video links to better get the point across.We’ll have product demos too.

So watch this space or follow us on Facebook for our nuggets and hopefully I’ll use commas correctly enough that it’s understandable.