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Extended Length Clutch Line for Mazda Miata


Product Description

Ever remove an engine, transmission, or even slave cylinder from your Miata? If so, you'll know how much of a pain in the rear end it is dealing with the very stubborn factory coiled hard line assembly that goes from the soft rubber hose on the firewall connection to the slave cylinder is.

The way the clutch lines are designed on a Miata leave a lot to be improved. A hard line goes from the clutch master cylinder to the passenger side firewall where it then converts to a flexible rubber line. The rubber line goes for about 10 inches then converts back to a solid hard line that does a loop and then into the slave cylinder. The 5X full length clutch line is far superior to the factory setup because it connects at the firewall and runs all the way to the slave cylinder, allowing you to remove and eliminate the flexible rubber hose AND the solid line loop going into the slave cylinder. Here are the details of our line:

  • Made in the USA for 5X Racing
  • Stainless Steel braided hose
  • Choice of Black or Clear protective plastic covering
  • 45 degree bend in the connector at the slave cylinder end provides easier connection and less pulling stress on the hose
  • Fittings allow rotation of the line to ease installation into both the firewall mount and slave cylinder
  • The 45 degree bend makes bleeding the clutch system an easy task
  • Makes engine and transmission changes WAY easier and faster by eliminating the cumbersome hard line assembly and all of its mounting provisions
  • Provides more room because it eliminates the loop of hard line by the starter and slave cylinder
  • Eliminates the factory rubber hose which can deteriorate and flex

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