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Helmet Accessories

There are several options to make your auto racing helmet even more useful for you...  Be it adding forced air (head cooling), different tint Visor Shields (improve visability), Radio Communications and various size Cheek Pads (for better helmet fitting).

The most common helmet accessory change would be your visor.  Here is a helpful guide for choosing one that is right for the conditions.

  • Clear: Can be used any condition but glare, which could cause squinting on really sunny days.
  • Smoke Tint: Most useful on sunny days, darker shade/tint to suit your light sensitivity.
  • Amber & Yellow: Good for anytime where an increase in contrast is needed.  ie. nightime, very overcast and rainny days.
  • Iridium: There are various versions of these and most manufactures have a slightly different hue/tint. But in general these are best suited for sunny days.